Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Fatal Poison Ivy

This Villain brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Beautiful but Deadly". Her body is made up of biochemical toxins and she has the ability to control them. As if her gorgeous looks weren't enough see also has the ability to manipulate men with her unique pheromones and is even able to release a truth serum or love potion on her victims. Ivy considers herself to be the mother of all plant life and her mission is to protect all things green. She has the ability to communicate with plants, feel their emotions, and control them.  Lastly are her venomous lips, that though they may intrigue you will give you the kiss of death.

Here is a video that explains what I used to acheive this look:

Here are some closeups of the makeup:

Click on pictures to enlarge

With this look I was not attempting to replicate the movie, cartoon, or comic Poison Ivy specifically but rather I drew inspiration from everything I found on her. As you can see I'm not wearing a costume, only a green top but the power of the makeup still gives you a sense of who Ivy is. I wanted the look to be bold and  show that captivating enchantment that she portrays. I chose to use several shades of green for the eyes pulling shades of color that I saw in the leaves. I created winged liner and bold red lips to give her that seductive flirtatious feel. The leaves on the face, body, and hair I used were to illustrate how plants are part of her. The gems are placed throughout the face to show the enchanted magical side of her.

After taking several photos in Ivy mode I also decided to take one as me  :)

Happy Halloween in advance everyone! Have fun with your makeup! I hope you all enjoy this look and be sure to check out all the other Villain looks done by the other collab participants :)

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  1. SEXY!!! I love it Natalie, the look is relatively simple yet I still get a strong sense of Ivy from it! I don't know if I can show this to my hubby though...too hot!! lol

  2. Ok! You're the sexiest posion ivy evar! wow! Great job :)

  3. Ahahaha Thankyou Sarah! You have no idea how much fun I had creating this. Haha yes I had to come up with many seductive faces to capture the essence of Ivy.

    Thankyou Robert! You are the sweetest, so glad you like it.