Friday, October 14, 2011

Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2005 "Punker Chick"

 I've always been fascinated with this style but it's just not for me so I figured I'd have fun with it and sport it on Halloween.

Red streaks in my hair(Hot Topic)
Makeup:Neon green shadow(Hot Topic) with winged eyeliner(I didn't know what a primer was back then so thats why the green isn't that vibrant), smudged black liner on my lower lashline(Anywhere) and bright red lips(wetnwild .99 cents lipstick)
Multiple chain necklace with black intricate crosses(Claire's)
Purple & black laced corset(Hot Topic)
Ripped mini jean skirt(Anywhere you can find one)
Black & white striped tights(Hot Topic)
Black converse chucks(Already had them ;)  )
Halloween 2007 "Violet from the Incredibles"
 This costume was a challenge but definitely rewarding in the end. My bf was Jigsaw this year, isn't it funny how it looks like Violet and Jigsaw are friends? lol

Makeup is just pretty simple and neutral
Black eye mask(halloween store)
Long sleeve red top(Forever21), the Incredibles logo is made from felt(Wal mart) I cut out and glued together and later sowed onto the shirt (I put some gold glitter paint on the yellow to add some sparkle)
Black gloves(halloween store)
Golden belt(Random belt my grandma had but you can probably find a yellow one at a thrift store)
Black short stretchy shorts( Any girls clothing store)
Red opaque(not sheer) leggings or tights(Any clothing store you can find them)
High black leather boots with a thick heel(thrift store)
Halloween 2008 "Boo from Monster's Inc"
 This one was fairly simple to make but took forever to find the right materials. When I'm looking for parts of the costume I try to find the same colors, texture, and style of the materials to make the costume more authentic looking. Needless to say finding a big pink shirt, the right purple pants, and the hair acessories were no easy task.

Makeup: Mascara, extra rosy blush, and chapstick
Hair tie with plastic pink balls(Walmart)
Oversized salmon colored shirt(Old navy)
Loose fitting purple capris(Clothing store at the mall, these were originally yoga pants I cut down)
White socks(anywhere).
Teddy Bear(Just find one you can borrow.lol)

Halloween 2009 "Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady"
 This seems to be a more popular costume now and is now more easily available to purchase but I'll tell you the way I made it the old fashioned way ;)

Hair(gathered a section of my hair and twisted the center of it then pushed it forward(creates a bumpit type effect) and secured it with bobbypins)
Navy headband(Target)
Makeup: Neutral eyeshadow, thick winged liner, fake lashes, rosy blush and bright red lips
White fitted polo shirt(Any girl clothing store)
White apron that goes above knee(my grandma had one but it had lettering alread on it so we cover it with a thick white similar textured material and I painted the "progressive" lettering on with bright blue paint)
Also try a thrift store or Walmart/Target.
"I Love Insurance" round button( I found an old button we had and painted over it with nail polish and sealed it with clear polish)
Flo name tag( I found and square name tag I had and painted it and sealed it with clear polish)
White skinny jean pants(any where you can find them, a lot of the time they are on clearance.lol)
Converse chucks(hers are blue but I just used the gray ones I had).
Halloween 2010 "Meg from Family Guy"
This was another costume that seems so basic to make yet was very hard to find the materials.

Hot pink beanie(Old navy
Makeup: Very neutral eyes and red lips
Round glasses(Harry Potter glasses from a halloween store)
Hot pink shirt(Any girl clothing store)
Dark blue jeans(Anywhere)
I forget what kind of shoes she has but I just wore converse for shoes because I figure they are always easy to pull off.

Thats it, I hope this inspires you to use your own creativity and see what you can come up with. If you have the time creating your own costumes can be both a very fun and rewarding process. Stay tuned, I'll be showing you some other fun pictures soon.


  1. Holla! Natalie, you are a Halloween Genius! I just might dress up this year- you've inspired me!

  2. Thank you! I hope I have inspired you, with that amazing makeup you did on your daughter you should try being something fun this year too:)