Sunday, November 27, 2011

NOTD-Strawberry Dreams

Rubi-Strawberry Dreams

On the nails

I recently just purchased this polish at a clothing store called "Cotton On". This color pink caught my eye because its like no other shade I own. Normally I wear glitter or some type of shimmer on my nails but I absolutely love how this color looks. Its very bright, girly, and totally reminds me of the 80s  :)

Recap of the Beauty Social

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Halloween Night

As you may remember from my previous post about "Do it Yourself Halloween Costumes", I love making my own costumes. I love the process of creating them as well as the sense of accomplishment you get knowing that you created it. I also feel that when I make them, they tend to come out more authentic looking. Rather than choosing a small, medium, large size I am trying to construct a costume that will fit me and my body shape.

This year for my costume I choose to be Kathy Beth Terry from Katy Perry's Music Video "Last Friday Night" aka (T.G.I.F). I decided to go for her "after" look which is after she gets a makeover in the video. Its a very 80s bright fun look. Complete with glittery eyeshadow, lots of blush, and frosty pink lips. A while back I actually did a two part tutorial series on the looks she wears throughout the music video. One on her before look and one on her after.

Here is the tutorial for the "After" Look: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)Kathy Beth Terry Part 2

A closeup of the makeup

Originally I was considering being her for Halloween back when I made the tutorial but I didn't know what my schedule would be like the day that I would be wearing the costume and if I would have enough time to get ready. Also another factor was me being a little self conscious about wearing the costume because although it is a fun costume, in the video her outfit is extremely tight and hugs every curve. After going back and forth between costume ideas I realized I only had three more days to make whatever costume I was going to be. I decided to go to the Salvation Army thrift store to go pick up something to make some type of costume and it was there that I found the extra boost I needed to continue with the Katy Perry costume. I found a pair of basic high heel pumps(in bright orange) that would be perfect for the outfit and also a long sleeve pink shirt that was the exact color pink I was looking for. Since I made it in only as few days I didn't get a chance to address all the details so as you will notice if you see the music video, the costume is not identical to hers but still gives off that same vibe.

Here is a list of the items I picked up for the costume:

Longsleeve pink shirt(Salvation Army)$4-I had to cut of the sleeves to make them quarter length like in the video and also cut the top of the shirt to so it could be an off the shoulder shirt.

Neon Green spandex skirt(Sidecca)$5-This was good as is, I didnt have t alter it in any way.
Nude color spandex shorts(Sidecca)$6-I bought these to go under the skirt.

Highheel Pumps(Salvation Army)$5-When I bought these they were originally bright orange and in the video she has one shoe pink and one a fluorescent yellow so I had to paint them.
Acrylic paint for shoes(Wal-mart)

Pink bow for hair(Sidecca)$3

Bright different colored braceletts(Sidecca)$3

Foam frames(Wal-mart)$3-Cut these up and glued & fastened the pieces together to make the earrings.
Inexpensive earrings(99 Cents Store)-I took these apart and used the metal pieces in then to construct the earrings with the foam.

For my hair I french braided it into pigtails and let it stay that way for over an hour and then took it out and fluffed my hair.

The makeup products used are mentioned in the tutorial :)

Here are some pictures:

Me trying to act like Kathy Beth Terry. lol

I think its pretty hilarious how 80s looking this picture came out.

The bright nails and bracelets! Unfortunately I didn't have time to repaint my nails "Last Friday Night Style" as I had them in the tutorial. Below is a picture of how they looked in the tutorial.

The Earrings

The Shoes

In case you missed it, here is Part 1 of the Kathy Beth Terry series:

And in case you have yet to see the music video and want to know what I am referring to, here is the video :)