Monday, March 12, 2012

NOTD Gold & Red Glitter Fading into Red

My nails with the glitter polish bottle.
This is a new polish I just picked up the other day and when I saw it I just fell in love with the colors. It has gold glitter with larger pieces or red glitter. This is one of several of the China Glaze Polishes from the Hunger Games collection. I purchased this over at my Hot Topic I always go to along with a few other items that I show in this video here:

All in all I love the polish though and immediately knew the look I wanted to try when I saw it.

These are the two main colors I used. China Glaze Electrify and Revlon Fire Fox.
 I first painted all my nails red with fire fox and then used the glitter to paint only the tips. Next I used the glitter again and painted over the tips again to build the glitter but then started to drag it down towards the base of my nails so that it appears to fade. Then lastly I used a clear topcoat to finish off the look.

My favorite part about this nail look is although you see the red at the bottom you also see some red glitter among the gold glitter too. I think it adds a nice balance to the look.

These are the polishes I used from left to right (China Glaze Polish in Electrify from the Hunger Games Collection, Revlon Matte Suede Polish in Fire Fox, and Nutra Nail Touch of Color Strengthener.)

So those are my nails for right now. What type of colors or looks are you sporting right now?