Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Fatal Poison Ivy

This Villain brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Beautiful but Deadly". Her body is made up of biochemical toxins and she has the ability to control them. As if her gorgeous looks weren't enough see also has the ability to manipulate men with her unique pheromones and is even able to release a truth serum or love potion on her victims. Ivy considers herself to be the mother of all plant life and her mission is to protect all things green. She has the ability to communicate with plants, feel their emotions, and control them.  Lastly are her venomous lips, that though they may intrigue you will give you the kiss of death.

Here is a video that explains what I used to acheive this look:

Here are some closeups of the makeup:

Click on pictures to enlarge

With this look I was not attempting to replicate the movie, cartoon, or comic Poison Ivy specifically but rather I drew inspiration from everything I found on her. As you can see I'm not wearing a costume, only a green top but the power of the makeup still gives you a sense of who Ivy is. I wanted the look to be bold and  show that captivating enchantment that she portrays. I chose to use several shades of green for the eyes pulling shades of color that I saw in the leaves. I created winged liner and bold red lips to give her that seductive flirtatious feel. The leaves on the face, body, and hair I used were to illustrate how plants are part of her. The gems are placed throughout the face to show the enchanted magical side of her.

After taking several photos in Ivy mode I also decided to take one as me  :)

Happy Halloween in advance everyone! Have fun with your makeup! I hope you all enjoy this look and be sure to check out all the other Villain looks done by the other collab participants :)

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Let Makeup Consume You

Previously in one of my videos I mentioned that I was currently working on a project. If you'd like to see the video here it is. I start talking about my project around 4:38
Now you all know how I love makeup so I am in no way saying makeup is a bad thing. The concept behind this idea is having a strong addiction to it. Although I wear makeup almost daily I still believe it is very important to love yourself for who you are without it.

The girl featured represents someone who has become so dependent on the use of makeup that she no longer knows who she is anymore. Her obsession with attempting to be what she perceives as being beautiful is now taking over her life. The makeup is now becoming a part of who she really is, it is consuming her.

Here is the sketch of the concept:

The makeup is now becoming a part of her. Her pointer fingers are now lipstick and mascara applicators, and her hair has become brushes which are applying the makeup on her face.

Here are some of the photos that were used:

This is just to give you a better idea of what they looked like before they were put altogether.

And The Finished Product!!!!!!

As you can see the picture is quite similar to the original sketch. I added smoke-like designs in the background and a ghost-like spiral below her hand that also symbolize makeup. The word "you" and also her are being consumed by the spiral. As the word "you" is being dragged in towards the spiral the letters become different shades of gray as if it is sucking the life out of her. I also added some green text in the upper right to explain what is happening to her and how she is being over taken. The digital looking text is also symbolic of the robotic state that she now resides.

I hope you all enjoyed this. I still have a lot to learn on these programs but I thought I would share this with you all since this was makeup related. Now I know the concept here is a bit exaggerated especially with the whole "I need makeup to survive" lol but there is still an important message I hope for everyone to get out of this. Love yourself for who you naturally are, you are ALL beautiful. Sure we all have our little flaws and imperfections and makeup is great for helping with those but we must never lose a sense of who we are. Let's use makeup because we love it not because we cannot live without it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2005 "Punker Chick"

 I've always been fascinated with this style but it's just not for me so I figured I'd have fun with it and sport it on Halloween.

Red streaks in my hair(Hot Topic)
Makeup:Neon green shadow(Hot Topic) with winged eyeliner(I didn't know what a primer was back then so thats why the green isn't that vibrant), smudged black liner on my lower lashline(Anywhere) and bright red lips(wetnwild .99 cents lipstick)
Multiple chain necklace with black intricate crosses(Claire's)
Purple & black laced corset(Hot Topic)
Ripped mini jean skirt(Anywhere you can find one)
Black & white striped tights(Hot Topic)
Black converse chucks(Already had them ;)  )
Halloween 2007 "Violet from the Incredibles"
 This costume was a challenge but definitely rewarding in the end. My bf was Jigsaw this year, isn't it funny how it looks like Violet and Jigsaw are friends? lol

Makeup is just pretty simple and neutral
Black eye mask(halloween store)
Long sleeve red top(Forever21), the Incredibles logo is made from felt(Wal mart) I cut out and glued together and later sowed onto the shirt (I put some gold glitter paint on the yellow to add some sparkle)
Black gloves(halloween store)
Golden belt(Random belt my grandma had but you can probably find a yellow one at a thrift store)
Black short stretchy shorts( Any girls clothing store)
Red opaque(not sheer) leggings or tights(Any clothing store you can find them)
High black leather boots with a thick heel(thrift store)
Halloween 2008 "Boo from Monster's Inc"
 This one was fairly simple to make but took forever to find the right materials. When I'm looking for parts of the costume I try to find the same colors, texture, and style of the materials to make the costume more authentic looking. Needless to say finding a big pink shirt, the right purple pants, and the hair acessories were no easy task.

Makeup: Mascara, extra rosy blush, and chapstick
Hair tie with plastic pink balls(Walmart)
Oversized salmon colored shirt(Old navy)
Loose fitting purple capris(Clothing store at the mall, these were originally yoga pants I cut down)
White socks(anywhere).
Teddy Bear(Just find one you can borrow.lol)

Halloween 2009 "Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady"
 This seems to be a more popular costume now and is now more easily available to purchase but I'll tell you the way I made it the old fashioned way ;)

Hair(gathered a section of my hair and twisted the center of it then pushed it forward(creates a bumpit type effect) and secured it with bobbypins)
Navy headband(Target)
Makeup: Neutral eyeshadow, thick winged liner, fake lashes, rosy blush and bright red lips
White fitted polo shirt(Any girl clothing store)
White apron that goes above knee(my grandma had one but it had lettering alread on it so we cover it with a thick white similar textured material and I painted the "progressive" lettering on with bright blue paint)
Also try a thrift store or Walmart/Target.
"I Love Insurance" round button( I found an old button we had and painted over it with nail polish and sealed it with clear polish)
Flo name tag( I found and square name tag I had and painted it and sealed it with clear polish)
White skinny jean pants(any where you can find them, a lot of the time they are on clearance.lol)
Converse chucks(hers are blue but I just used the gray ones I had).
Halloween 2010 "Meg from Family Guy"
This was another costume that seems so basic to make yet was very hard to find the materials.

Hot pink beanie(Old navy
Makeup: Very neutral eyes and red lips
Round glasses(Harry Potter glasses from a halloween store)
Hot pink shirt(Any girl clothing store)
Dark blue jeans(Anywhere)
I forget what kind of shoes she has but I just wore converse for shoes because I figure they are always easy to pull off.

Thats it, I hope this inspires you to use your own creativity and see what you can come up with. If you have the time creating your own costumes can be both a very fun and rewarding process. Stay tuned, I'll be showing you some other fun pictures soon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LOTD #16

Face-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Elf Complexion Perfection
Cheeks-Nyx Rouge cream blush in Orange
Eye Lid&Crease- Kat Von D True Romance Palette-Rebekah(Brown/gold specks), Browbone-Kat Von D True Romance-Peanut(Shimmery Champagne), Upper Lashline-Kat von D True Romance-Matte Black
Liner- Lower liner-Sephora Jumbo pencil in Brown, Tightline-Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Rockstar
Mascara-Covergirl Lashblast Fusion
Lips-Nyx Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar

Monday, October 10, 2011

LOTD #15

Face-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Elf Complexion Perfection
Cheeks-NYC Mosaic Face Powder All Over Bronze Glow, 
Eye Lid&Crease- Hard Candy  Kaleyedescope Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Lovebug(Shimmery Silver Taupe w/glitter), Outer crease-Wetnwild Lust Palette(Matte Eggplant), Brow-Wetnwild Lust Palette(Matte Light Lilac), Upper Lashline-Wetnwild Lust Palette(Matte Deep Plum)
Liner- Lower liner and Tightline-Sephora Jumbo pencil in Purple
Mascara-Covergirl Lashblast Fusion
Lips-Nyc Lipstick in Mousse

Sunday, October 9, 2011

LOTD #14

Well you guys I got bad news and good news. Bad news is I didnt take a picture of my face of  the day and I just took a shower so now its gone :( The good news is I already did this look before on day #5. Its a pretty soft smokey look but very fast to do. Hopefully Ill get a tutorial up on it soon because Ive already gotten a few requests for it.

LOTD #13

Face-Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation, Elf Complexion Perfection, Elf Concealer/Highlighter
Cheeks- Nyc Mosaic face powder, Elf studio blush Pink Passion
Eyes-Sephora Colorista Palette Browbone-Matte Cream, Crease-Matte Light Brown, Inner corner & inner lid-Shimmery Champange, Lid & outer crease-shimmery brown, Upper lash line-Matte Black
Liner-Tightline & Upper lashline-Wetnwild Black cream liner, Lower lashline-Sephora 12hr Jumbo pencil in brown
Mascara-Covergirl Lashblast Fusion
Lips- Nyx Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar

Friday, October 7, 2011

LOTD #12

Face-Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation, Elf Complexion Perfection, Elf Concealer/Highlighter
Cheeks- Nyc Mosaic face powder, Elf studio blush Pink Passion
Eyes-Browbone & Inner Corner-Wetnwild Greed Palette(matte cream shadow), Crease-Wetnwild Greed Palette(matte peach), Lid-Elf eyeshadow duo(shimmery mahogany brown), Upper lash line-Wetnwild Greed Palette(Matte Black)
Liner- Tightline & Lower lashline-Sephora 12hr Jumbo pencil in brown
Mascara-Covergirl Lashblast Fusion
Lips- Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Sparkling Rich Ruby

Thursday, October 6, 2011

LOTD # 11

Face-Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation, Elf Complexion Perfection, E.lf Concealer/Highlighter
Cheeks- AZIZA Peach Blush Duo
Eyes-Wetnwild Petal Pusher"Wnw PP"  Only one palette today! lol. Inner corner & Brow highlight- Light Lilac w/pearl finish(Top right color in Wnw PP), Brow bone(under highlight color)- Lilac with gold shimmer(2nd down on the left side of Wnw PP), Lid&Crease Shimmery Blue/violet with lots of sparkle(Bottom left in Wnw PP), 
Liner- Upper Liner and tightline- Wetnwild Black cream liner, Lower liner -Wetnwild Megalast retractable liner in blackest black
Mascara-Covergirl Lashblast Fusion
Lips-Nyc Berry Rich

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LOTD #10

Face-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Elf Complexion Perfection
Cheeks-NYC Mosaic Face Powder All Over Bronze Glow, AZIZA Peach Blush Duo
Eyes-Wetnwild Comfort Zone"Wnw CZ", Wetnwild Petal Pusher"Wnw PP"  Inner corner Light Lilac w/pearl finish(Top right color in Wnw PP), Inner lid Shimmery Greenish Silver(Top right in Wnw CZ), Lid&Crease Shimmery Blue/green w/red undertones(Bottom right in Wnw CZ), Outer crease Dark gray w/silver sparkles(Bottom Right in Wnw PP), Brow Nyx Single in Dust Shimmery Light beige
Liner- Upper Liner- Wetnwild Black cream liner, Lower liner and tightline-Sephora Jumbo pencil in Purple
Mascara-Covergirl Waterproof Lashblast(Because its raining outside.lol)
Lips-Nyx Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Face-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Elf Complexion Perfection Cheeks-NYC Mosaic Face Powder All Over Bronze Glow  Eyes-Wetnwild Comfort Zone (green side on the right)  Liner-Wetnwild Megalast Retractable Eyeliner Mascara-Maybelline One-by-One Mascara Lips- NYC Lipstick in Mousse

October Haul

A random haul from Dollar Tree and Target featuring some makeup, household items, and just some stuff for fun ;)

Monday, October 3, 2011


I painted my nails again! The design is similar to the Katy Perry inspired nails I had a while ago with the abstract looking triangles. This time I decided to stick to only two colors a shimmery metallic blue with some glitter in it by Charlotte Russe and Milani's silver 3D Holographic nailpolish in the shade HD. All in all I love them and I think its funny how they turned out very "spacey" looking.lol


LOTD #8 Woke up super late today so I did the 5 minute face I did in my video a while back. I'm going to try and do a more colorful one tomorrow ;)
Face-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Elf Complexion Perfection Cheeks-NYC Mosaic Face Powder All Over Bronze Glow Eyes-Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Quad-Amber Minerals (Colors similar to CG Shimmering Sands) Liner-Sephora 12hr Jumbo pencil in Purple Mascara-Maybelline One-by-One Mascara Lips-Wnw Lipstick 502A

Sunday, October 2, 2011

LOTD(Look of the day) # 7

 I have the other first few days posted on my facebook fanpage MakeupbyN@

Went pretty neutral today because I'm not leaving the house, I have a project to finish ;)
Face-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Elf Complexion Perfection    Cheeks-NYC Mosaic Face Powder All Over Bronze Glow, Loreal MicroBlush in Brunelle   Eyes-No shadow just concealer under the brow and powder to even out the my skin    Liner-Sephora 12hr Jumbo pencil in Brown     Mascara-CG Lashblast Fusion   Lips-NYC Lipstick in Mousse

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Copper Eyes and Orange Lips Tutorial

Review on the Wetnwild Natural Wear Mineral Veil

How to Choose What Makeup to Pair with What Outfit

Ever have trouble deciding which makeup to wear with your outfit? This a video explaining the methods I use.

A Tutorial Using Wetnwild Dreamweaver Trio "Fly Me to the Moon"

Neutral Eyes and Bold Red Lips Tutorial

A soft neutral eye look that can be used for everyday paired with a bold lip.

A Tutorial Using Wetnwild Dreamweaver Trio "We're Blasting Off"

A soft romantic look using a taupe, dark sparkly brown, and a soft pink.

Wetnwild Dreamweaver Trio "Bright Idea" Tutorial

As the trio says in its name these are pretty bright colors. Here is a tutorial using Wetnwild's Bright Idea, a look featuring a green, pink, and yellow.